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  • Olde Providence Elementary School Baseball Field Area
  • 8800 Rea Rd, Charlotte, NC, 28226 US

Join 50-year baseball card collector Tripp Roakes as he offers a very special Baseball Card Collecting Camp.   After our sold out debut camp over the Christmas Break, we are excited to offer three different sessions of Card Collecting Camp for the Summer of 2024

The campers will learn about many different parts of the baseball collecting world.   Topics will include;  The Art of trading baseball cards, the history of the baseball card, How to grade cards, and What to look for in a card.    The camp will also include a special auction for baseball cards and memorabilia with "Monopoly Money" as well as every camper will go home with 100's of free cards from the 70's 80's, 90's 00's. 10's and 20's.  We will open lots of unopened packs and each kid will take home the players from their randomly selected team for each different box.

We may take a few breaks and play some whiffle ball or other fun sport just to have a little extra fun as well.

All in All, the campers will go home with $100's of dollars worth of baseball and other sports cards and continue to build their love of one of the biggest collecting passions in the country!

All card collecting camps will be under shade tents at the facility.

Ages 5 and Up are welcome to sign up 

$155 Per Camper


Camp Sessions*

  • June 17-19  Session 1

    June 17-19 Session 1

    Session 1
    June 17-19

    Price $150.00

  • July 15-17 Session 2

    July 15-17 Session 2

    Session 2
    July 15-17

    Price $150.00

  • August 5-7  Session 3

    August 5-7 Session 3

    Session 3
    August 5-7

    Price $150.00


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